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Sell Buy Swap is an online classified website made for locals, and available for private buyers and sellers to advertise for FREE! Originally the Sell Buy Swap used to be a weekly trading paper that was distributed throughout the top of New Zealand’s South Island and was available online by subscription. Due to the Nelson print plant closing on the 29th June 2017, we decided it was best to make the Sell Buy Swap online only. It is free for private buyers and sellers to advertise – anything from cars, boats, lawnmowers, antiques, baby gear to sporting equipment etc.

* Prohibited Items will not be sold:
Stolen Goods
Cigarettes (e cigarettes vapor etc are allowed)

sell buy swap

Private Advertisers

It is free for private buyers and sellers to advertise and there are several easy methods to place ads. There is no deadline like the paper which used to be the deadline of 5pm Wednesday. Instead listing your advert is entirely up to when you will like to list. When adverts are added they are automatically added to the review cue, and once published are automatically deleted in 7 days. To enable us to continue being able to offer free ads we appreciate it if you purchase one of our premium advert options on our ad types page.

Commercial Advertisers
Commercial text ads are available for people listing the same type of product often, or who appear to be operating as a business, are available from $4 per ad per insertion. Display ads on our side bar, and slider at the top of the page are also available, please e-mail us for prices and space availability.

Placing An Advert

Placing an advert on the Sell Buy Swap is easy just click here to be taken to the add advert page.