Free Private Ads
Place as many private ads as you wish by using the website’s Add Advert form.

Ads for the same item are placed in one section of the website and in one category only (plus the swap or buy categorizes if applicable).  There is a 200 word limit on all text ads.

Community groups can take advantage of our offer of free advertising.  Sell Buy Swap will publish up to 5 ads for non profit community groups on the website.  Ads are also limited to 200 words each and can be spread throughout the website.

Advertisers offering services, the same type of product often, or appear to be operating as a business are considered commercial and will be charged at commercial highlighted rates. Personal type ads will not be published.

Highlighted/Commercial Ads
Highlighted or commercial ads cost $4.00 per week per ad –  they run in any classified category of your choice.  Minimum placement of 2 insertions (either different ads or columns) in the same week or the same ad in two consecutive weeks.  For 14 or more highlighted ads or more than 8 non-highlighted ads in the same issue see our money saving Multi Ad Packages.

Highlighted Ads

Multi Ads
  For $29 you can place up to 20 ads within the same week with no highlighting.

20 Non-Highlighted Multi Ads Package

Highlighted:  For $49 you can place up to 20 highlighted ads within the same week.

20 Highlighted Multi Ads Package

Ads are limited to 200 words per ad.

Display Advertising
Get visual impact with a display ad, we have rates and options available to suit your advertising budget. The display ad deadline is 12 noon Wednesday although often we can accept ads later than the deadline – please ask.

Advertising totaling less than $25 per calendar month must be prepaid by Paypal/Credit Card or Internet banking when the advertising is placed.  Please have your details handy when you e-mail your advert to [email protected], and we will send you our bank account details.

Advertisers spending over $25 per calendar month can either prepay or receive a monthly invoice due for payment within 7 days.

Please note payment is to be settled within 7 days following invoice unless prior arrangements have been made with the Manager of Sell Buy Swap. Unpaid accounts will be liable for all recovery and collection expenses. No claim for adjustment will be recognized after the due date for payment. All advertising will be charged according to the size and placing ordered and allocated.

Place Paid Ads

Ad Deadline
12pm Wednesday

[email protected]