Bmw 323i

Crap plastic water pump fell to bits. Cooked motor. Replaced motor with new stainless pump. New thermostat. Flushed coolant and oil. Runs mint. Replaced stupid cloth interior with AL leather. Door cards. Seats. Arm rests front and back. 10000 KS less on motor than body. No proof but I pulled motor out of donor car years back. Has m50 lowering springs so sits high in front as m50 has cast block where this is an m52 so it has an alloy block. So sits high in front. Still have 2 sets of stock springs plus heaps of spears. Has 17s with 215/45/17 good tread. Needs a srs reset due to front seat being unplugged while battery hooked up. A wheel aloghnment wouldn’t go astray either but still drives good. I travel alot so need something cheaper to run. Keen on swaps for a small Toyota or Nissan of some kind. Sell: $3,000

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Location: Picton

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