• Small dog run

    Small dog run

    Small galv dog run. Never used. Suit one dog! Wine barrel kennel at one end. $70 Contact Details: 021 1370470 Location: Upper Moutere

  • Goldfish (Large)

    Goldfish – 21 cm in length (nose to tail tip) Very large goldfish, beautiful coloured spots of Black on Orange. Needs to be in outdoor pond,…

  • Mealworm Farm

    Mealworm Farm

    Includes minimum of : 10 beetles , 5 pupa 100+ mixed size mealworms They come in 3x 500ml containers. Beetle container has a mesh bottom to…

  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank. Blue planet aqiarium and stand, comes with a pair of breeding golden bristlenose plecos, around 50 breeding guppies. Heater, air pump, in built light…